Risk Management Plan

South Bank Triathlon Club’s Risk Management Plan (The Plan) is used to summarise the club’s risk management approach. The Plan has been developed to ensure levels of risk and uncertainty are properly managed so the safety of our members and the public is ensured (as much as possible).

Ride Rules and Etiquette

This document details our cycling rules and expected riding etiquette (behaviour). It is expected that all club riders understand and obey the QLD road rules.

Incident Report

The South Bank Triathlon Club’s Incident Report can be completed online using the following link. Information in this report will be sent to the club’s executive committee to action.

Insurance Coverage

South Bank Triathlon Club Members (via Triathlon Australia) receive athlete insurance cover through the Triathlon Australia National Insurance Program. Members are covered by Personal Accident cover and are able to claim benefits if they are injured while training or competing at Sanctioned Events across Australia. Please note, some membership types do not cover you for training insurance.