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1. CANCELLATION POLICY: Once training programs have commenced any paid fees are non-refundable. A pro-rata refund for the remainder of the payment is only available in case of significant personal circumstances that prevents participation in the training program and is at the sole discretion of SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB. Athletes on recurring monthly programs may cancel with 28 days notice.


2. ALTERATIONS: SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB and its partners reserve the right to at any time make alterations to training sessions and services offered should they become required due to circumstances beyond their control and will undertake to inform coached athlete as soon as practical.


3. EXCLUSIONS: Coaching services provided by SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB do not cover any event fees or travel arrangements unless specifically mentioned otherwise.


4. SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB, it’s employees, agents, contractors and volunteers shall have no liability whatsoever to the athlete, their dependents, heirs, or Legal Representative for personal injury, accident, illness or death suffered by the athlete arising in any way whatsoever from participation in training


5. The ATHLETE declares that he/she is physically fit and further verifies that he/she has no pre-existing medical conditions or physical or intellectual impairments that may make participation unsafe for themselves or others.


6. The ATHLETE acknowledges that physical exercise is an inherently risky activity and that there is a risk of injury in fitness training and assumes and accepts all risks and hereby for themselves, their heirs, executors and administrators, waives the right to sue SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB for any injury in any way whatsoever arising from training and releases and indemnifies SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB from and against any and all other claims, loss, liability, demands and proceedings arising out of connected with participation in their training. This release is a continuing release.


7. The ATHLETE consents to receiving such medical treatment as may be deemed required in the advent of an injury, accident or illness during training.


8. The ATHLETE gives SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB the irrevocable right to use my name, photograph, image, video recording, and likeness (“My Image”) in all forms and manner including but not limited to the publication on web sites, social media, and other publications released to or by SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB. I understand that SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB cannot control unauthorized use of “My Image” by persons not associated with SOUTH BANK TRIATHLON CLUB once “My Image” has been published.


9. The ATHLETE is solely responsible for all personal possessions during training.


10. The ATHLETE acknowledges that any training material provided is to be used as a guide only.